Release Notes - AirEQ Premium

Bugs Fixed
[AIREQ-1084] - Logic only: HP brings Click/Pop on DAW Fade In
[AIREQ-1049] - Mac and Cubase only: Possible crash when reloading a session with several VST3 AirEQ

Known Issues
[AIREQ-1011] - Moving sharply a resonant HiCut from 30kHz to 20Hz brings some artifacts
[AIREQ-997] - Session at 48k only: Audio artefacts near 20kHz when using the Frequency Finder
[AIREQ-932] - Analyzer below Knobs goes Blank when switching Presets
[AIREQ-915] - Kick Analyzer mode gets stuck if you release the click outside the knob panel
[AIREQ-913] - CPU usage increases when Meters & Analyzer are displayed
[AIREQ-906] - Sluggish video performance when Meters & Analyzer are displayed
[AIREQ-748] - RMS differential meters stuck after stop playback
[AIREQ-961] - Mac and Live VST2 only: Presets are always in Modified Status
[AIREQ-918] - Mac and Live VST2 only: Loading presets can break audio process
[AIREQ-848] - Mac and Nuendo only: Change track's stem on the fly causes GUI disorder
[AIREQ-820] - Mac and AU/RTAS only: Resize triggers blink
[AIREQ-995] - Cubase and VST2 only: GUI issue when deactivating the "Always on Top" feature
[AIREQ-978] - Adobe Audition and VST3 only: GUI disorder when hiding Analyzer
[AIREQ-994] - Wavelab and VST3 only: Inserting AirEQ with the playback stopped will crash the DAW after activate the playback
[AIREQ-909] - Maschine only: Occasional GUI render issue
[AIREQ-892] - Ozone 6 only: GUI Disorder
[AIREQ-953] - AirEQ 5.1 only: Preset always displays the Modified Status when reloading a session
[AIREQ-935] - AirEQ 5.1 only: No link to the User Manual

Shared Framework Issues
[EF-428] - Wavelab only: Audio Pop when using Clip Effect
[EF-422] - Wavelab only: Silence added at the end of files (1s)
[EF-420] - Sonar only: Can't enter values with the number pad
[EF-419] - Windows only: RHS Alt key not recognized
[EF-417] - Mac and VST2 32-bit only: Text values don't work
[EF-411] - Triumph only: Crash when closing sessions
[EF-410] - Triumph only: Plugins are not recalled when reloading a session
[EF-392] - Bitwig and Windows only: Clipped Plugin window after resize
[EF-388] - Digital Performer and AU only: Playback off, Plugins are bypassed
[EF-376] - Digital Performer and VST2 only: Plugins fail examination
[EF-387] - VST3 only: An offline bounce doesn't read the automation
[EF-377] - Studio One and AU only: No Mono Plugin
[EF-374] - Studio One and Mac only: Launching Studio One without iLok crashes the DAW
[EF-360] - Pro Tools and RTAS only: GUI flickers when opening in AudioSuite
[EF-357] - Sony Vegas Pro only: Settings/Parameters are not recalled
[EF-356] - Vienna Ensemble Pro and AU only: Blank GUI
[EF-344] - Yosemite and 32-bit VST2 only: Blank GUI in Live and Cubase

Download AirEQ - Mac Installer
Download AirEQ - Windows Installer

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